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An orange a day keeps cancer away?

A recent study shows that high doses of vitamin C can boost immunotherapy, a type of cancer therapy that targets the immune system, and make tumours disappear in mice. Could the cure to cancer be as simple as taking vitamin C supplements during immunotherapy?…

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Helen O. Dickens: champion of women’s health care

Helen O. Dickens was the first African-American woman admitted to the American College of Surgeons, and a champion of women’s health, especially young women of colour. From humble beginnings rose a powerful woman at the forefront of obstetrics and gynecology.…

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How to prepare our daughters for an unequal society

Gender inequality is so deeply ingrained in our society and or psyches that we don’t even see it. As they grow up, girls receive subtle messages that women aren't able or skilled for leadership. Women are told they're weak, fragile, needy, dependent. And because we’re not always aware of these (false) perceptions, we continue passing them on across generations. But we can break this cycle. How can we encourage our daughters to become confident, independent women and help them see…

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